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Message from the Owners

Old Glory Supporters:
As you may now  have read, Major League Rugby has decided to suspend play for the remainder of the 2020 season.
We are, of course, devastated that our inaugural MLR season, which began with such promise and with such strong support from you, has been brought to an abrupt end.  However, placed in the context of world events, this is clearly the correct decision.  It is also clear that having made this decision promptly will help to ensure that the league, and Old Glory, return in a stronger position to play in 2021.  
We realize, of course, this leaves all of you with questions about opportunities for exchanges or refunds of purchased tickets, etc.  Please bear with us as we develop fair but fiscally responsible policies that ensure the long term viability of our organization and our positive relationship with you.  We assure you, we will issue further information as quickly as possible.
Most importantly, please be safe and care for the health of yourself and your loved ones.
Chris Dunlavey and Paul Sheehy
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