Photo: Hope Allen

Rugby Steps Out of the Shadow of Its Offspring

This week, the NFL playoffs and the college football championship game have taken center stage, but the national press is offering glimpses of a growing awareness of the virtues of American Football’s predecessor: rugby. Quietly – or not so quietly – rugby’s popularity is reaching new heights in the US, and Americans are increasingly studying the values, practices, and benefits of the sport.

Below are links to two recent articles. One piece highlights how National Champion coach Dabo Sweeney has used the lessons of the All Blacks’ approach and success in New Zealand to motivate his Clemson players, while another from the New York Times shows how rugby tackling is being taught to Texas high school football coaches – along with a commentary that awareness is growing of rugby as a superior and safer alternative to American football.

Together with all of our supporters, we’re excited to see where rugby is headed in the US. As we welcome 2019, stay tuned for a number of exciting announcements while we gear up for our exhibition schedule this spring, including:

  • Our first player signing (already in the works!)
  • Our head coach announcement (our search is well underway!)
  • Player combine dates and venues being confirmed for March 2019
  • Confirmation of our exhibition game opponents (including multiple teams from first tier rugby nations overseas) and our 2019 home venue
  • Team name and logo announcement

The excitement is building!

Paul Sheehy & Chris Dunlavey

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