THANK YOU! From Old Glory DC

THANK YOU! From Old Glory DC

Old Glory DC Supporters:

WOW!  We have not even entered a full MLR season, and already we know who has the best fans in the league:  Old Glory DC!

Over the last four weeks, you made our 2019 Exhibition Season come alive.  You came with your game faces on.  You filled the stands and lined the fences around the pitch.  You brought your clubs, your colors, your banners.  You brought your kids, your parents, your friends and neighbors.  Most of all, you brought the rugby culture.  From cookouts at the day-long tailgates to the steady laughter of face-painted children in the play zone, from chomping on your first Big Glory sandwich to laughing at the tweets of Monument Man, you made the launch of DC’s first-ever professional rugby team a true celebration of the DC area’s rugby community.

And you brought the noise.  You brought the support.  Our players felt it, our coaches felt it, and we felt it.  Next year, the rest of MLR will feel it as well.

Before we turn our attention to all the planning and preparation for the 2020 season, we pause to say thank you!  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for making this exhibition season the success that it was.

We look forward to a bright future for rugby in the mid-Atlantic.



Chris Dunlavey and Paul Sheehy

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