How to watch the 2021 Old Glory DC Season Preview: Everything you should know about Friday’s Livestream event

How and when can I watch the show?

The 2021 season preview will be live-streamed on Ticketmaster (starting 6:30 p.m. EST) and is viewable online with the purchase of either an individual ticket for $15 or our two-event preseason package for $25. View all ticket options here.  2021 Season Ticket Holders will be able to access the event without additional purchase.

Who are the hosts?

Road to Glory Podcast hosts Roland Pratt and Brianna Kim will be joined by US Naval Academy Rugby Head Coach Gavin Hickie in the broadcast booth during the 2021 Season Preview.

What can I expect?

The three hosts will present viewers with a first look at the 2021 Old Glory DC squad during the Season Preview.  Through live viewing of actual team training sessions, complete with news, analysis, expert predictions, and much more, viewers will get an exclusive look into Old Glory DC and find out who to watch, what to expect, and how the team is preparing to face MLR in 2021.

That’s awesome! Tell me more.

The live-stream event will kick off with a “Year-in-Review” update on what the team has been up to since March 2020, including organizational and squad updates and interviews with co-owners Paul Sheehy and Chris Dunlavey.  Then, players will take the field and viewers will see the 2021 squad run through defense and attack drills lead by coaches Andrew Douglas and Callum Gibbins.  Finally, Coach Douglas will showcase his squad during an intra-squad scrimmage. Throughout the program, Roland Pratt, Brianna Kim, and Gavin Hickie will be your inside guides introducing new faces and returning players, dropping behind-the-scenes secrets, and analyzing the action on the pitch.

Alright, I can’t wait. Will the entire 2021 squad be there?

All players who have been cleared to play or enter the team bubble will be present during the live stream event.

How much does it cost?

We are offering THREE different options for enjoying our preseason events:


* Individual ticket to view the 2021 Season Preview event

* Individual ticket to view the OGDC v New England Free Jacks event

* Our multi-event package to view both


Ticket sales are limited to one per person per event. Live-stream login info will be sent to all ticket holders no later than 48 hours before the start of the event. Season ticket holders will be provided access WITHOUT this additional purchase.

Can I attend in person?

We are sorry to note that, while we would love to see you at The St. James, we cannot be reunited just yet.  Our commitment to maintaining the highest levels of safety and awareness for our players, our staff, and our fans will limit the number of attendees at our events at the St. James to 100 or fewer during February and early March of this year.  As such, and under the current state of Virginia guidelines, we will be unable to accommodate our fans on-site for either of the two scheduled preseason events.

What’s for dinner?

Glad you asked! Old Glory encourages attendees to celebrate the return of rugby with the Big Glory sandwich bundle from presenting partner, Cuisine Solutions.  Normally served at Old Glory DC Rugby games, you can now enjoy this signature sandwich at home.  The secret to a scrumptious Big Glory Sandwich is the sous vide meat: included in the bundle is hefty portions of our Pork Shoulder, Premium Sliced Top Sirloin, and Seared Grilled Chicken Breast.

I have a special question for the hosts! How can I get it to you?

Absolutely! Please email us at with questions or topics you would like our hosts to discuss!