Old Glory Nation –


How very quickly time passes and things change.

Fewer than four months ago, we had no certainty that we would be able to play any of our MLR 2021 season games, or that we would be able to allow any fans to enjoy the experience with us in person.  In fact, Old Glory lost our whole pre-season to COVID-related cancellations, and most of our regular season until now has been played in front of heavily restricted crowds.

Today, MLR has played every single game scheduled for the 2021 season to date, and Old Glory is hosting its home matches at Segra Field with no restrictions on capacity.  We are not only playing every scheduled game and working to fill our stadium to its 5,000-seat capacity, but we have also returned to our tradition of a full event day, providing entertainment for both hard-core rugby fans and entire families new to the game, from our kids’ zone games to culturally-themed events like Pacific Islanders Day, to the highest quality of rugby ever played in North America.

We must acknowledge honestly that Old Glory has experienced its challenges along the way.  Following a 4-1 COVID-shortened 2020 season, we now face the final five games of the 2021 regular season standing in the lower half of the Eastern Conference table and with a playoff position distant — but not entirely out of reach.

It is now – when we have fought our way through the worst conditions that a pandemic and economic crisis could throw at us, , as an organization and as a team – that we need our fans most. Over the last year, the sporting world has been reminded that fans are the most important ingredient to a sporting event. The game and atmosphere are not the same without you.  Old Glory is known throughout MLR for is raucously supportive home crowd and the home field advantage that results. Now is when we appeal to you, for our final three home games, to come out and support us in force. 

For the next three games – June 12 vs NOLA, July 10 vs San Diego, and July 17 vs Austin – come and support Old Glory.  Come out and cheer your home team to victory.  Return to participate in the rugby community of the Mid-Atlantic.  Or perhaps come out and support a new discovery for you – the most exciting new professional sport in Greater Washington.

Help us return to Glory.

We look forward to seeing you at Segra Field.


Chris Dunlavey and Paul Sheehy