Update from the Owners

Update from the Owners

Dear Old Glory Supporters,

We have to begin by thanking you for being, through the first month of the 2020 MLR season, clearly the best fans in the league.  You have traveled with us in numbers to our away games, teaching our partner cities that the DMV knows how to celebrate, and at home you made yourselves into the 16th man with heavy turnout and full engagement with our events, all day long as well as at game-time.  Your support during this season, and the two years leading up to it, have been an enormous part of our early success.  We could not have started 4-1 without you.

It is out of care for you, our OG family, that we decided along with our MLR team partners to suspend games for the next 30 days.  This suspension is effective immediately, so we will not host the game originally planned for this weekend. 

Old Glory and the league have considered a range of options in response to the coronavirus pandemic.  It is clear that it is in the best interest of public health – and frankly our own OG family – that we reduce everyone’s likelihood of exposure, in the hope of slowing the rate of growth of the virus.  It is our fervent hope that an aggressive early response to this crisis will shorten the window of greatest risk and allow us all to return to a state of normal operations that much sooner.

In the coming weeks, we will determine our plans for the balance of the season and what those plans mean for our partners, ticket-holders, and other supporters.  In due course, we will have comprehensive answers for the schedule of remaining games, options for ticket exchanges, etc.

In the meantime, we will make every effort to keep you connected with the goings-on of the team and our continued preparations for a successful continuation of the season.  We will also continue to support our rugby community during this time in any way we can.  Please stay with us.  We have every intention of emerging from this hiatus even stronger than before, and we look forward to hearing the roars of the OG faithful once again!

Please feel free to reach out to info@oldglorydc.com with any specific questions and we will do our best to be responsive.

Thank you all, and GO OLD GLORY!


 Chris Dunlavey and Paul Sheehy

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