2023 End of Season Message from the Owners


OG Nation –

This Fourth of July, as we celebrate the birth of our nation, it seems an opportune time for all of us who support Old Glory rugby to pause for a moment and reflect on the remarkable journey we have been embarked upon together.  The 2023 season has truly been one for the history books, filled with thrilling moments and significant milestones – all made possible by your unwavering support and the passion you have shown for our team.

First and foremost, this year marked the first time in Old Glory’s history that we made the MLR playoffs.  It is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and talent of our players, coaches, and staff that we were successful in achieving this goal.  We are immensely proud of having reached it and, more broadly, the progress we have made as a club. 

In fact, we not only reached the playoffs but, to the delight of us all, OG took a step further and secured our first playoff win, propelling us into the Eastern Conference final.  This was a monumental milestone for Old Glory, showcasing our potential and determination to compete at the highest level in North American rugby.

It is clearly in order that we extend our deepest gratitude to Head Coach Josh Syms, whose leadership, energy, and unwavering dedication have been instrumental in our progress.  Though only here for one year, Josh had a tremendous impact on our team, our culture, and the entire organization.  He is worthy of the highest accolade we know in rugby: he is leaving the Old Glory shield in a better place than he found it.  We wish Josh the very best with his next assignment coaching for Zebre in the URC and expect that he will remain a part of the OG family in spirit, if not in physical presence.

Of course, none of this progress would be possible without the commitment and hard work of our incredible players. They have shown tremendous heart and determination on the field, embodying the spirit of Old Glory and the values of rugby.  We salute their unwavering dedication and passion for the game.

Above all, we must acknowledge the tremendous support of our fans – most particularly those who followed us to New York and New England. We believe we are now headed in the direction of having the best “traveling” team in MLR, and it is all thanks to you.  The energy you bring to each game, whether home or away – your initiative, your creativity, your passion, your volume, your spirit of fun — is truly inspiring, and we are humbled by your loyalty.  We will continue to strive to make you proud.

And yet, while we celebrate our achievements today, we must all recognize that we have not yet reached our final goals.  Our ambition to be the very best, on and off the field, is unbounded. There is still much work to be done, and we are committed to putting in the necessary effort to build upon our success. We are confident that with the continued support of our fans and the talent within our organization, we will achieve even greater things in the seasons to come.

To that end, please keep an eye out for a series of major announcements in the coming weeks.  We have forged new partnerships to advance our organization and identified more leaders to contribute to our future.  You will see that we have addressed our coaching leadership for 2024 and beyond, that we are strengthening our roster to build on the solid core of players we have developed, and that we are investing in our business and rugby infrastructure – all to help us reach new heights. We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with these new partners and are excited about the future we will build together.

All we ask of you is that you continue to be the ambassadors of the game that you have shown yourselves to be.  Help us by renewing season tickets, coming out for the games in 2024, bringing along your friends and other newcomers to the sport, and showing your spirit. 

On this Fourth of July, let us celebrate the progress we have made as a team, as a community, and as a nation. Old Glory embodies the fighting spirit of America, and together, we will continue to raise our standards, exceed expectations, and pursue greatness.

Thank you for your unwavering support, and here’s to a bright future for Old Glory!


Chris Dunlavey and Paul Sheehy

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