We are the 501(c) nonprofit arm of Old Glory DC, dedicated to establishing the DMV as the premier rugby hub in the United States by creating ample opportunities for organized rugby participation. Our primary focus lies in youth development, aiming to provide a safe and supportive environment where children can learn and engage in rugby. Additionally, we strive to enhance player development by integrating professional rugby resources into targeted youth programs and initiatives. Generous donations to our nonprofit directly contribute to supporting our academy system and expanding access to rugby for more kids.

Within the DMV, there exists a vibrant community of youth, high school, and men’s rugby that we are actively working to foster and enhance. Through our collective efforts, we seek to inspire a new generation of rugby players and cultivate a lifelong passion for the game within the local community across all age groups.


As the United States prepares to host the 2031 Rugby World Cup, today’s high school and college students hold the potential to represent their country on home soil. We strive to play a pivotal role in the development of these players, not only by providing them consistent coaching from professional coaches and players, but also by creating novel opportunities for them to engage in representative-side rugby beyond their regular school and club commitments.

In line with this vision, we have launched Fall 15’s, an initiative through which the Young Glory u18 Academy offers high school students a unique opportunity to train in a semi-professional environment for a duration of 12 weeks. Under the guidance of dedicated coaches affiliated with Old Glory, these young athletes can hone their skills and further their rugby journey.

Upon graduating from our high school academy, we encourage players to continue their rugby pursuits, whether at the collegiate or men’s club level. However, we recognize the importance of supplementing their rugby schedules. Thus, we aim to establish a u23 Academy program, primarily operating during the summer months when local college students are on break and not actively engaged in rugby. This program will coincide with the conclusion of our Old Glory season, affording its members the invaluable opportunity to train alongside DC’s seasoned professionals.


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95% of our programming is free to the community – your donations help us provide team based sport to thousands of young people ages 5-23 through clinics, games, trainings, and academy events throughout the District, Maryland, and Virginia and all the way from PA to NC!

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