Preseason Fixture Updates

Thank you, deeply and profoundly, for your ongoing support for Old Glory DC and your commitment to cheering on the team in our 2021 campaign.  In return, we aim to make you proud with the quality of rugby, the team character, and the game-day experience which we will drive to deliver — along with, ultimately, the MLR championship.  After all, there’s one goal we know we’ve already reached:  drawing the best rugby fan base in North America.

Earlier last week, we shared some insights into what to expect during the upcoming season.  We emphasized our need to improvise and adapt, and we asked for your patience, collaboration, and support.  The ensuing week has highlighted both the league’s commitment to playing a full 2021 season but, also, our need to adapt.

First, we have learned that, due to evolving COVID safety protocols at the U.S. Naval Academy, Old Glory will not face Navy Rugby in our first pre-season match-up as planned.  Obviously, this is a great disappointment to us, as Navy Rugby is many things to Old Glory:  a highly accomplished and esteemed American collegiate rugby program; a vitally important fellow rugby institution of the mid-Atlantic; the representatives of a hallowed institution of our nation’s military and a worthy competitor on the pitch.  However, we understand the priorities that must be maintained by the Naval Academy in service to our country, and we will look forward to our next opportunity to face the men from Annapolis.

Second, it is now clear that our commitment to maintaining the highest levels of safety and awareness for our players, our staff, and our fans will limit the number of attendees at our events at the St. James to 100 or fewer during February and early March of this year.  As such, and in accordance with the current state of Virginia guidelines, we will be unable to accommodate our fans on-site for either of the two scheduled pre-season events.

HOWEVER:  In the spirit of the rugby ethos and its commitment to Semper Progredi (“always forward”) we commit to the following: 

  • Both of our pre-season events will still be held, and fans will be able to purchase tickets to both events via an live stream hosted by TicketMaster. Tickets will be available to purchase on Wednesday, February 10th.
  • In lieu of the Naval Academy match-up, Old Glory will offer an interactive Open Training session and scrimmage on February 26th, featuring not only the first look at our 2021 squad in action but also live interviews with players and coaches, opportunities for you as fans to interact with questions and commentary, background and other attractions. 
  • At this date, we continue to expect the New England Freejacks to visit D.C. for our first pre-season MLR game on March 5th.

We are hopeful that, considering the continuing challenges in taming the pandemic, many of you may in fact prefer to have this exclusive online access rather than the risks that may accompany in-person attendance at an indoor venue.  Instead, you will be able to enjoy getting to know Old Glory and engage with the 2021 team from the safety and comfort of your home.

As we gear up for the regular season, we are continuing to work with Segra Field and Loudoun County officials. We are eagerly awaiting updates from the CDC and the Governor of Virginia.  We do not yet know, at this time, what our capacity for in-person attendance will be in later March when our home games are scheduled to begin; however, as we stated when we launched our season ticket program, you as season ticket holders will have first priority for access.  We anticipate providing further updates to you in late February.

Again, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your continued support and patience as we navigate these challenging times together.  

Now let’s start the campaign for the 2021 MLR Shield!