Old Glory DC Head Coach

Qualifications and Job Description


The position will report directly to the ownership of Old Glory DC and work in collaboration with Old Glory’s front office staff of commercial, marketing, and operations staff, as well as the leadership of Old Glory’s pathway program (The Greater Washington Rugby Foundation,
or “Young Glory”).



Excellent organization and communication skills, ability to lead within a professional team environment.



Minimum of 5 years in a rugby coaching position for a professional team, a national union, a top level club in a first tier rugby nation, or a major North American collegiate institution.

Minimum of 3 years’ experience in the head coach position at one of these levels, preferred.

Demonstrated experience setting clear goals, targets, measures, and implementing action plans.



To lead Old Glory’s recruitment and contracting of both U.S. and overseas players reflecting strong character, as well as the rugby skills
and athletic ability necessary to contribute effectively to a successful MLR team, in collaboration with Old Glory ownership (including representatives of the Scottish
Rugby Union) and leadership of Young Glory.

To oversee a team of professional assistants and support staff.

To plan and implement a pre-season, regular season, and postseason rugby program to train players, install a system, and prosecute a competitive campaign.

To cultivate and maintain a culture reflecting the principles of Old Glory’s owners and dedicated to the highest values of rugby, and to embrace and exemplify the stated core values of Old Glory and the Mid-Atlantic rugby community we lead and are committed to grow: Respect, Inclusion, Community, Integrity and Passion.

To provide clear instruction, direction, and feedback to both coaching staff and players to guide players to the highest levels of performance and personal development.

To incorporate, to the greatest degree possible, the latest trends in rugby strategy, tactics, and techniques, as well as technological support for performance analytics, in the team’s approach.

To support the commercial initiatives of the organization, including maintaining positive communications with media and making public appearances.





Work with coaching, analysis, medical, and strength & conditioning staff engaged by Old Glory to ensure all aspects of team fitness, selection & administration are managed appropriately.

Ensure that every player receives appropriate coaching at team, unit, and individual levels, including the identification and development of players to support success in MLR.

Ensure that the welfare of players is a priority for all coaches and staff, following Old Glory and MLR guidelines at all times. Plan, implement, and oversee player safety protocols at all times.

Take full responsibility for the creation and implementation of a season plan and performance strategy, linked to the teams’ profile and goals, that will support the team’s overall season objectives and ambitions.

Ensure that individual player development plans are in place for each squad member which supports their technical, tactical, physical and mental development.

Create a transparent and clear selection policy which is communicated to all players and support staff. Have final say on squad and team selection.

Provide leadership by example, setting and maintaining high standards of behaviour, achievement, sportsmanship and discipline.




Recruit assistant coaching and support staff as required (e.g. Rugby Operations, S&C, Analysis, etc.) in coordination with Old Glory ownership.

Set and assess performance objectives and targets for players, coaches, and support staff within your reporting lines.

Support the development of all players and coaches within the program and identify those under-performing, and as appropriate, advise on development needs, contract renewals, and terminations.

Take responsibility for annual player and staff evaluations and providing a brief to ownership.

Provide a weekly status update to ownership on team development and results.

Maintain a focus on a strategy for development of domestic talent, working directly with Young Glory pathway coaches and teams.

Uphold the values of rugby at all times, recognizing the status of MLR and Old Glory in the public eye and the coach’s position as a role model within rugby in the U.S.

Generate and maintain a culture of on- and off-field discipline and professionalism, as set down in a Code of Practice to support performance objectives.

Develop and maintain strong working relationships with local rugby clubs and institutions within the Mid-Atlantic region, including supporting their development on the field through clinics, guest coaching appearances at training, etc.

Work with pathway coaches to define a distinct coaching philosophy to be implemented in our region: “Coaching the coaches.”

Liaison with Old Glory ownership and operations staff in relation to management of budgets, player contract negotiations, and management of player and agent relationships.

Work with Old Glory ownership to promote MLR and our team to supporters, sponsors and business partners.

Attend and participate in press and media events as required.

Commit fully to your individual development as a head coach as agreed and supported by Old Glory.