Transgender Athletes and Allyship Panel Discussion


Transgender Athletes and Allyship Panel Discussion

On July 6th, Old Glory DC hosted a panel discussion on Transgender Athletes and Allyship within Sports and Rugby with Changing the Game for local coaches and administrators.

Thank you all again for joining us for last night’s informative, impactful, and inspiring conversation about including trans kids in sports, the documentary film Changing the Game, and what we can all do to make sports safer and more accepting for all athletes. Big thanks again to our panelists Chris Mosier, Grace McKenzie, Mack Beggs, and our moderator Shane Diamond.


Some themes that bear repeating:

  • If you enjoyed our conversation or learned something new, encourage three friends to watch the film and then chat with them about it. If you feel so moved, post about it on Instagram or Twitter. The more people who see this film, the better.
  • From AP News: Lawmakers can’t cite local examples of trans girls in sports
  • From the Center for American Progress: The Importance of Sports Participation for Transgender Youth, including this quote: “Where transgender youth encounter accepting and affirming policies and peers, including transgender-affirming sports policies, their risk of poor mental health and suicidality decreases—and where these supports are lacking, risk is substantially higher.”
  • Katie Barnes’ ESPN cover story about Layshia Clarendon. Really powerful read about identity, family, and the lifesaving power of sports and basketball.
  • Stay involved with policy changes with USA Rugby here. Find out who is responsible for creating or updating policies in your league or area and contact them; the more we can let policymakers know that trans people belong in sport, the more policies will reflect that call to action.

More information about studies and articles mentioned during the panel can be found at We’ve also attached Athlete Ally’s Pride Night in a Box and encourage you to reach out to Anne Lieberman, Director of Policy and Programs at to learn more about creating and hosting successful Pride Nights.


On behalf of Changing the Game, Old Glory DC, and Major League Rugby, thank you all for taking the first steps to leave an invisible legacy of transgender inclusion in your communities. And remember, your love and acceptance has power, don’t be afraid to use it.



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